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The chef behind Garlic In My Wine

Hi, I'm Jamie!

While you may know me as the voice behind @garlic_in_my_wine, my friends and family know me as Jamie! I migrated to Davenport, Iowa from Chicago when I married my husband, Elliott. I am a mama to a hysterical and big-hearted little girl who loves to sneak the food I am making, and a sweet baby boy who is already a foodie in the making!

"A little bit of this. A dash of that."

Cooking has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It goes way back to my Nana, who was a gourmet cook, and loved to experiment in the kitchen. Nana had 4 daughters and 17 grandchildren; with all the spouses and friends, she was often cooking for 20 or more! She would whip up the most delicious meals anyone has ever tasted and always have a beautiful table setting; but she would never be able to tell us her recipes because that is not how she cooked. “A little bit of this, a dash of that, butter” (always)… and that is where I got it from. 

When people ask for my recipes, I try but can only give them the basics - not the details. And that my friends, is why I started Garlic in My Wine. I taste as I go! Always adding a little something here and there until it is perfect and the best version of the dish I can imagine. I put my heart into my cooking, and I will not put any meal on the table if I don’t think people will rave about it. It is an art and a stubbornness of mine.

I felt that my recipes were always missing something. Me!

That is when I decided that not only creating my own recipes, but cooking for others is what I wanted to do. What I make will always be homemade from scratch with the best quality ingredients. It takes time when I cook; lots of time. I never want to rush it and I want to let people taste something they never had before or the best version of something they have had before. Similar to their grandma’s home cooked meal.

It is hard to get a true home cooked meal these days. So…let me do the cooking for you! This will give you more time to spend with your kids after work, more time at the gym, or that happy hour you need with friends! Tonight, you don't have to ask “what should we do for dinner?” but will be happy to say, “Guess what we are having for dinner!” Give me a chance to feed your families like you want to feed them (but don’t always have the time). 

Oh, and most importantly...

How in the world did I come up with "Garlic In My Wine"?

Well, it came to me super easily actually. I always cook with garlic and wine on hand at all times. I mean if you don’t cook with those two things, you are definitely doing something wrong in life! Garlic is everything, I mean, he is best in show...with a side of wine of course.